Why An Inpatient Treatment Center Is The Right Choice When You’re Trying To Beat A Drug Addiction

For some people, addiction is something that seemed to sneak up on them. Maybe they decided to try a few pills here or there or was coaxed into snorting a little powder at a friend's house. However it started, addiction can quickly become a problem that consumes your entire life. It can be hard to maintain a career, care for family or even think about personal hygiene when you're under the spell of drugs or alcohol. Read More 

Four Ways To Help Your Child With Language Development

One of the major developmental milestones for any child is language development. However, there are times when language does not develop as quickly as it should. If this is the case with your child it is a good idea to get your child some help by employing the services of a speech therapist. While professional help is good, there are some things you should be doing at home to enhance the work of your speech therapist. Read More 

Tips For Successfully Navigating The World Of Summer Contract Work

If you're interested in pursuing contract work at different companies through the help of a staffing agency, the summer market can be a lucrative one. Regardless of the skills that you possess and the type of companies that can benefit from them, summer is a smart time to look for contract work because many industries have staffing shortages due to summer vacations. You may seek to get a summer contract and impress the company enough that you get extended into the fall and beyond. Read More 

4 Signs Your Teen May Have An Eating Disorder

Suspecting that your teenager may have an eating disorder is scary and uncomfortable. You want your teen to be safe and healthy, but you may also be afraid that if you approach the subject in the wrong way you will make the situation worse. The first step is knowing what signs to look for to help determine that your teen has an eating disorder: Drastic Changes in Weight Some fluctuations in weight can be explained logically, such as a teen losing a bit of weight after taking up a new sport or gaining a few pounds as a side effect of a new medication. Read More