Tips For Successfully Navigating The World Of Summer Contract Work

If you're interested in pursuing contract work at different companies through the help of a staffing agency, the summer market can be a lucrative one. Regardless of the skills that you possess and the type of companies that can benefit from them, summer is a smart time to look for contract work because many industries have staffing shortages due to summer vacations. You may seek to get a summer contract and impress the company enough that you get extended into the fall and beyond. Before you start thinking of the future, however, keep these tips in mind.

Don't Plan Days Off

Most people love the idea of being away from the office for a week or more during the summer, and this may include those who pursue contract work with the help of local staffing agencies or employer job placement solutions. However, you may jeopardize your chance of getting your contract extended — or getting hired in the first place — if you plan to be off for part of the summer. No hiring manager wants to hear from a candidate who says that he or she can work for the first two weeks of the contract, but then will be vacationing for the next two. In most cases, this applicant won't get the job.

Be Ready To Chip In

One situation that you'll commonly find during summer contracts is that your manager will ask you to help out with a different role, or even in a different department. Many workplaces have significant staffing shortages during the summer, which means that if you're hired to work in administration, for example, you might be asked to put in some time with the company's marketing department. Provided that your skills can be of assistance, be eager to chip in when asked — doing so can show you to be a true team player, which could bode well for your chance of having your contract extended.

Count On Some Overtime

Your manager may ask you to work some overtime, when you're on contract over the summer. Even with smaller staffs, some companies' workloads don't decrease, and this can mean that people need to spend a bit more time at work to hit deadlines and reach goals. Being enthusiastic about working overtime is another way to create a positive impression with your manager that can help your chances of a contract extension. Plus, you're getting paid hourly, so you'll appreciate the extra earnings, too.